Two Weeks of Downtime: An Update

It’s been a little over three weeks since I last updated this blog. Most of that time has been spent enjoying myself over the New Year and Christmas period, with the last two weeks spent working quietly from my apartment in Bangkok on some new projects.

It’s nice to get this downtime after being busy for so long. I’ve gotten all of my personal “to do” list out of the way over the past few weeks, ranging from getting porcelain veneers to having my blood work done. All is well, on both counts, with my teeth looking better than ever (thank 15 years of coffee drinking for my previous stained smile) and my blood work totally healthy.

The bad news is this: it’s almost halfway through January, and my progress on work has so far been quite limited. Time to kick things into gear and start taking my work seriously, since it’s the first few months of the year that seem to set the pace and make all the difference when it comes to achieving my goals.

What are your goals for 2016?

Wild Nights Out in Thailand, But Only Temporarily

I’ve been in Thailand for most of December so far, visiting some friends and catching up on some work projects. With plenty of friends to visit in Bangkok, my sleep schedule has been drifting later and later… to the point that I often find myself going to sleep at 4 in the morning.

It’s easy for this to happen in Bangkok. The city has such a massive range of nightlife destinations – from upscale Thonglor and the rooftop bars of Silom to the guest friendly hotels and bars of places like Soi Cowboy – that it’s easy to go out for a drink with friends and end up at home much later than you expected. A quick drink ends up with a second, third and fourth venue, and before you know it, it’s well into the next day.

Today, I’m trying to reverse this trend by going to bed by 11pm. I plan to wake up at 7 the next morning and get back into the “professional” sleep routine that I had before. Hopefully it works, since I find I’m much more productive when I wake up early and have coffee and breakfast before pulling out my laptop and getting to work.

Satou, an Amazing “Hidden” Steakhouse in Tokyo

The last time I visited Japan, trying some of Japan’s famous beef was one of my top priorities. Most Westerners are familiar with Kobe beef, which is famous around the world for its tenderness, fatty marbling and extremely high sales price. Fewer of us are familiar with Matsuzaka beef, which is a different type of high-end beef that’s equally famous in Japan.

I had the chance to visit Satou Steakhouse – a great small restaurant in the Kichijoji area of Tokyo – recently to try their Matsuzaka beef. Satou is very different from most high-end steakhouses in Japan. Instead of the usual classy decoration, the focus here is entirely on the food, which means that the prices are much lower than in most other restaurants that serve high-end Japanese beef.

The food is prepared teppanyaki style in front of you, and you can specify the usual instructions to the chef about how you like your steak prepared. Here’s a full review from another blogger that goes into detail about the restaurant and its great food. If you’re ever in Tokyo and want to eat great steak while exploring a neighborhood most visitors rarely see, Steakhouse Satou is a great choice.