Are Canister Vacuums The Best Option For Hardwood Floors?

If you are like many other homeowners, you probably spend a great amount of time worrying about the best way to take care of your hardwood floors. This is perfectly okay and quite understandable. Hardwood floors are stylish, expensive and delicate.

A single mistake such as using the wrong type of vacuum cleaner could lead to irreparable scratches on your flooring. Not surprisingly, many homeowners want to know the best type of vacuum cleaner for their hardwood floors.

How Many Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Basically, there are two types of vacuums available in the market, upright and canister.

The difference between the two lies in the way the suction head and the engine relate. With the upright vacuums, the suction head and the engine form one unit. The user pushes them both in the process of cleaning.On the other hand, the engine/canister unit and the cleaning nozzle form two separate units that are connected by means of a hose.

While this seemingly vague and technical differentiation of the two might not give you a clear indicator of which type of vacuum is better for cleaning hardwood floors, a deeper look into their functionalities and capabilities might.

Functional Difference Between Upright and Canister


Upright Vacuums can be up to 20 pounds heavier than canister vacuums. They are also hard to drag around the house and to carry up the stairs. This heavy weight also means that they are more likely to damage delicate flooring. Canister vacuums are light to drag a long and you can be sure the weight won’t be damaging your hardwood floors.


In terms of maneuverability, the canister vacuums win with a landslide victory. Since the cleaning nozzle is attached to a hose, it is easier to clean areas such as stair cases, under furniture and wood joints. It is impossible to realize this kind of flexibility with the upright vacuums.


The canister vacuums can be equipped with a variety of accessories such as upholstery brush, crevice nozzle and mechanized brushes that enhance their effectiveness while cleaning different surfaces. Switching from one accessory to the other is also pretty easy and can be done all from the tweak of a knob. Upright vacuums do not offer this luxury.

The Level of Noise

Although your hardwood floor doesn’t probably mind the level of noise being produced by the vacuum cleaner, it is important to point out that the canister vacuums are less noisy than the upright vacuums. The engine in a canister vacuum is sealed inside the unit, greatly minimizing the amount of noise produced.

The Verdict

Canister vacuums offer the best results when cleaning hardwood floors.They are manufactured with a variety of surfaces in mind including hardwood, vinyl, tiles and rugs. Their flexibility makes them ideal to reach in-between flooring joints and the fibers in the nozzle are not hard enough to make scratches on the floor.

It might however be important to point out that the canister vacuums will make you spend a lot of time bended when you are cleaning your floor. The wand and hose can also get tagged quite easily and cause accidents if you are not careful enough.

Advantages of Hardwood Floor Over Carpet

Whether you are building a new home or in a renovating exercise, the choice of floor is one of the most important decisions you have to make.

This is due to the fact that there are several types of flooring materials you have to select from, and it is necessary to select the best. The following are the advantages of hardwood flooring over carpet, which is inspired by the popularity of the two with many homeowners.

Trendy and Very Beautiful

Hardwood floors are arguably trendier than their alternatives, which is why most modern homeowners choose to install them. They are more aesthetically appealing because you can select patterns and styles that suit your personality and maximize the type of effects you intend to achieve in any room.

Health Benefits

If there are allergic members of your family, the choice of carpets for your flooring is ill advised. Their fibers trap dust, animal dander, mites and other harmful particles that fly around when vacuuming or during windy days. The choice of the alternative flooring material is, therefore wise because, once cleaned, every particle is eliminated. Hardwood floors do not retain odors the way their alternatives do. These odors originate from spilled substances, chemical cleaning solutions and others emanating from various sections of your home.

Repair and Durability

Each of the flooring material under comparison is prone to damage due to age and heavy traffic. This means that you need to have a material that can be easily repaired, a process which is cheaper than replacement. Damaged sections in your hardwood floor can be repaired to their original state to make it last for many years to come, an impossible exercise to try and carry out on its alternative material.


Spills, stains and dirt can easily be removed from a hardwood floor because mopping with soapy water effectively cleans its surface. The other option, on the other hand, needs an expert to clean especially when stained. The time taken to clean the former is also short because it dries almost instantaneously unlike the later, which takes time.


The cost of carpet flooring is prohibitive if you consider the following facts:

Due to its shorter life, you have to replace it after several years of use. Professional cleaning services are not cheap especially because you need to clean your floor regularly for hygiene reasons. It does not add value to your home when you intend to sell because a buyer may opt not to have the flooring material. It is only when you replace it that you can benefit from a rise in your home’s value, which is a costly exercise.

Environmental Impact

The renewable nature of wood is desirable in that, when you install a floor using it, you are an active contributor to saving the environment. Its alternative is, however made from purely synthetic materials, and opting for it leads to ecological degradation and filling of landfill sites.


The advantages of hardwood floor over carpet are now clear. It is also advisable to be careful in your selection of hardwood in order to gain from the immense benefits outlined.

Picking a Good Vacuum For Wood Floor and Pet Hair

We do love our pets, but what we don’t like is shedding of their hair. Pet hairs are irritating for those who do not have pets. It’s troublesome to clean the pet hair from your wood floor, but even worse when you have hardwood stairs. Even after a good mop, sweep and vacuum, you’ll find pet hair still lying all over.

It’s extremely difficult to clean the pet hair if you have wooden floors. Your four legged creature can never give up shedding. In that case you just need the right kind of tool to keep it under control. Many pet owners use vacuums that are not designed for their wooden floors.

It is recommended to have a good vacuum suitable for the specific purpose of clearing the pet hair from the wooden floor. Key features of such vacuums are given below:

Upright Vacuums

You generally get 3 main types of full sized vacuums to choose from. Namely, the canister, stick and upright. While the stick model is suitable for low profile flooring like carpets, wood floors, these don’t possess the suction power like the higher end models.

Unlike the upright or stick vacuums, canister vacuums on the other hand are good for pet hair, and excellent for hardwood floors. They come with a long hose and soft brushes that gets into nooks and crannies of the house. But they do not possess such features like the upright model.

The upright models are designed especially to offer nothing short of the best. Vacuuming pet hair is one task which takes a huge toll on cheap cleaners. Manufacturers now offer upright models that are designed uniquely to offer better cleaning of wooden floors.

Bagless Vacuums

What is appealing about these vacuums is that they come with a built in bin instead of a throw away bag. But be a little cautious as cleaning the bin bag can expose you to a lot of dirt. Before using this kind, check that the bin is well seated to prevent it for storing the dirt and leaking it back on the wooden floor.

Option of Bare Floor

Your ordinary vacuum has a manual dial that adjusts the header height to clean surfaces. Remember that low profile is similar to not having bare floor option. This kind places its head just above the floor for complete cleaning. In case of a high or medium profile vacuum you will notice that it pushes the pet hair into the air instead of storing it in the bin.

Dry or Wet Vacuum

Lastly, pet hair cleaning is not all that troublesome. Use a dry vacuum to clean the floor. Wet vacuum on the other hand will only make things difficult if you are dealing with pet hair cleaning.

Wood floor supports most of the cleaners so pick the one of your choice and budget. I didn’t find it too difficult, you won’t too.

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Vacuum

After a lot of trial and error I have come up with some points that will help you in picking up the right model:

  • You need a strong suction powered vacuum in case you have more number of pets in your home.
  • Cleaning pet hair is no easy and a heavy vacuum cleaner will make it impossible. Try and pick a lightweight one but not compromising with the quality and the offering.
  • Do some researches before you are out there making your purchase. You know what you want and no one knows your house best other than you.
  • Once you find the right vacuum you have to find the features which indicate you can use it for wood floors. Buy the edge cleaner model for your cleaning the unwanted pet hair.
  • Check to see that they are gentle on the floor and strong on the dust. A sign of the best vacuum is that it leaves behind no scratch or sign that you have been on a cleaning mission.

Simple Tips For Cleaning A Hardwood Floor

When I first moved into my house, our kitchen floor was a horrid carpet that looked as though it had seen much better days. The day we finally tore it up and installed a new hardwood floor was one of the best in my home remodeling saga. I love my wood floor, but I’ve discovered it requires a lot of work to keep looking as pristine as the day it was put in. Here are some tips I’ve found on keeping your hardwood floors squeaky clean and brilliant:

1. Avoid water – Water is the natural enemy to a wood floor, and since my hardwood is my kitchen, those two opposites mix more than they should. Wipe up any spills immediately to prevent the water from ruining the finish or staining the hardwood itself.

2. Clean your hardwood often – One of the daily jobs in my apartment is sweeping the floor, and it’s amazing how much dirt and grime can accumulate in the tiny seams between your floorboards. I use a soft bristled broom to get the big messes, and then run a cloth pad over it all to pick up the tiny pieces. Some recommend vacuuming your hardwood floors every week to prevent the fine grit from wearing through your nice finish.

3. Use a rug in well traveled areas – I keep a rug in front of the kitchen sink, as well as at the entrance to our family room and leading out of the apartment. It soaks up the dirt and moisture that could ruin my floors and looks nice as well! However, avoid purchasing a rug with backing, as that can wear away at your floor just as effectively as the feet going over it.

4. Take off the shoes – Shoes are not only a way to bring dirt and moisture onto your wood, they can also leave dents and scrapes that are not easy and sometimes impossible to remove. We have a rule at my house that shoes come off when you come through the door, and it makes a huge difference in the durability of my hardwood.

5. Keep clear of hairspray and nail polish – The nice wooden table in my kitchen has a large circular mark where I spilled nail polish and then forgot about it until it ate through the stain. Learn from my mistake, and keep your nail polish, hair care and other products that will ruin your stain away from your hardwood floors! If you do spill, wipe it up immediately and don’t let it sit until you have a mark that is impossible to remove.

6. Make use of furniture pads – Furniture pads are a cheap and easy way to ensure that your heavy furniture will not scuff or mark your floors. I have them on the bottom of every chair and table leg, and it has made a world of difference. They are easily found at your local general store, and are definitely worth the investment.

With these simple tips, you can keep your hardwood floors looking good as new for a long time.


Brief Overview of The Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum

The Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a great home vacuum cleaner, just like many of the other models made by Miele. This vacuum cleaner is great for all surfaces in the home. It’s incredibly lightweight and easy to use, plus it has a very unique look to it much like the other Miele models.


  • Six different power settings
  • Use on all floor types
  • Air Clean filter
  • Quiet
  • 29.5-feet cleaning radius
  • Lightweight
  • Classic FiberTeQ floor tool included
  • Telescoping wand
  • Dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle included


This hardwood canister vacuum cleaner has a great cleaning radius. You can reach virtually any where in a normal sized home after plugging into one outlet. This model comes with lots of attachments and has a very nice telescoping wand that makes reaching hard to places, such as ceiling fans, very easy. Just like upright vacuums, modern day canister vacuums also do a great job of vacuuming tile and hardwood floors in addition to carpet and upholstery.

One of the things that stands out to most people is the design of the vacuum. It’s a great looking cleaner. The Air Clean filter does a great job of releasing clean air back in to the room while keeping the dirt and dust in the right place. The tools that come with the vacuum make it easy to vacuum any service in any area. Nothing appears to be lacking in the form of attachments.


There don’t seem to be too many negative things to say about this vacuum cleaner. It the price is outside your budget, there are other machines that are less expensive but that’s probably sacrificing performance and/or size. Quite frankly, there really isn’t anything about about this vacuum cleaner. It would be nice if it came with a HEPA filter standard, but the filter it comes with seems to do a fine job.

Other customers are saying that it’s very compact and lightweight. Most people online agree that is does a great job of cleaning all kinds of messes on all floor types. If you look at other reviews, there is clearly some debate about the length of the cord. Considering this extra long cleaning radius is a strong feature of this vacuum, it’s clear people are not harnessing the power of the wand and attachments.

Most people have nothing but good things to say about this machine. Many poeple have comments about the amazing performance on the cleaning of hard surfaces other than carpet such as tile, hardwood floors, and laminate. From the comments we’ve seen it does an amazing job cleaning off-carpet, which is rare to say among vacuum cleaners in this price range.

Overall this is a great vacuum cleaner. It’s small, sleek, and has the cleaning power of more expensive machines that we’ve tested. It’s very quiet. When we used it on every kind of floor in the house from carpets, to tile, to self-installed wood floors, we were very pleased with the performance. We will recommend this Miele vacuum cleaner to others. If you’re thinking about getting one, don’t hesitate.

Tips For Staining A Wood Floor And Choosing A Finish

The aura of a wooden floor is unmatched and looks pristine and excellent. However, many a times, it so happens that if you do not take proper care of the floors, they can get discolored and they will fail to retain the same appeal that vintage wooden floors are supposed to have. So, are you looking to stain the floor? Yes, you can do it yourself and the tips that I am going to talk about will make your task simpler in a lot of ways.

Cleaning Is The First Step

Before you start staining the floor, you must ensure that the floors are fully cleaned. You can use sawdust and sand and this will help you in cleaning the floors immaculately and articulately. Once you are sure that the floor has been diligently and meticulously cleaned, you can concentrate on staining your old wooden floors.

Water Helps In Retaining The Stain

If you have an extremely dry floor, the stain will not stick to the floor. You should run a wet or damp cloth over the surface. It is advised to carry this process smoothly as this will aid in having the stain absorbed uniformly on your wooden floor.

Choose The Options Meticulously

There are different types of stains as you can choose oil based stains or even water based products as well. This decision should be based upon the texture of wood you have, the kind of finishing you desire and the look you wait for your floor. Both types of stains have their own pros and cons and you should familiarize yourself with the details and then choose the best product that you want to choose for staining your wooden floors.

Test Stain Before Using

This is one of the most pivotal steps that you must remember. You should always test try the stain before you apply it all across on the floor. Sometimes, some stains do not suit the texture of your wooden floor and it can lead to blots and random marks on your beautiful floor. You should apply a minute amount of stain on a small segment and wait to see if there is no adverse reaction. If the stain is efficiently absorbed by the floor, you can then use it to stain the whole flooring.

The Final Finishing

Although, staining isn’t rocket science, yet not everyone is adept at giving the final finishing touches. The kind of finish that you choose is of paramount importance. Do not rely on the colors of the samples that are advertised on boxes. You should try and work upon a small segment or the underside of a table and then decide what looks apt.

In order to get the best finish, you must apply perfect refined touches at the end.

These are some of the top tips that will help you retain the vintage look of your wooden floors. Leave the floor to dry after you have applied the stain ad with the final finishing touches, you are going to love the way it looks. Visit Loving Your Home Blog for more great tips on how to care for your wood floor.

Best Types of Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is my favorite type of flooring because hardwood is durable, elegant and has natural beauty that matches all decors in my home. It does give a luxurious feel and appeal to my home which makes me love it even more.

I’ve also come to realize that hardwood floors needs cleaning for them to avoid damage and discoloration and to maintain that stunning look.

I realized that dust and dirt particles are the biggest enemies of hardwood floor as they can scratch the flooring and cause permanent damage. This is why I always clean my flooring. However, cleaning with a broom and a dust pan may not be effective as they tend to stir up the dust and re-deposit back on the floor. For this reason, it’s good to choose a vacuum that works best on hardwood floors.

Here are the best types of vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors that one can use and leave their home looking outstanding and elegant:

1. Miele

Miele vacuums are unrivaled in their potential to clean any hardwood flooring while filtering out all dirt and debris which induce so much irritation. Miele are known to be the best product that is durable and is ideal for allergy sufferers. This vacuum has awesome features such as:

  • suction control
  • numerous levels of silence insulation for quiet operation
  • crush proof hoses
  • natural hair floor brushes

2. Dyson

With its vibrant styling and innovative feature, I am sure it’s the best to use and has made Dyson popular in even in the United States. The vacuum has no loss of suction, with the innovation spinning the air so fast that centrifugal forces up to 150,000 times the gravity power. This helps it to fling dust and dirt from the floor and also from the air straight to the clear bin.

3. Electrolux

These vacuums are excellent for allergy sufferers because they are sealed to ensure no dust or dirt is emitted. If I can describe it in one word, all I can say is that it is ‘awesome’.

4. Hoover

Being one of the oldest yet most popular among vacuum cleaners, it is still the best due to it ingenious design, high suction power, high quality, and sanitary dust management. Whether one needs a straight forward Hoover wireless vacuum for simple cleaning, or strong Hoover wind tunnel for profound dirt and dust; they are available to keep your flooring clean.

What to consider when deciding on the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors:

  • Weight – my house is big and has many rooms, so I chose a light vacuum to be able to move from one room to another as I clean.
  • Bagless – this feature is ideal for those allergic to dust. Choose a bagless vacuum that has a good filtration system that has high efficiency particulate air (HEPA).
  • Canisters – I realized that it is very important to choose a canister that is easy to empty. Mine has filters that are easy to maintain and do not require frequent replacement.
  • Attachments hoses – If the house is full of furniture, it can be heard to reach all the areas. Choose a vacuum cleaner with necessary attachments like crevice tool to help reach tough to clean areas.

I have purchased cleaning vacuums for my hardwood floor, not only to clean my pet’s hair but also to clean my bedroom and other rooms within my house. I have been using vacuum cleaner for over a year now and I find it very handy for my purpose as it works well with my hardwood floor.